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'Kindred Spirits' by Matthew Kristall for NY T Style magazine, October 2014
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Hello to new and returning followers ^_^ !  Just a note to say that this isn’t really a new blog, but rather the second generation of Roadtrip Daydreams...

Simply put, back in summer I enthusiastically filled a queue with a very rich amount of art posts (apparently art history classes have that effect) - only to come back and find my naturally minimalist self horrified (actually, I was like WTF, mate, I’m gonna vomit ~_~ ).  So, rather than try to edit the blog back down to the aesthetic harmony it had last year, it was easier to hit the reset button and start with a clean slate.  So, here we go again, but now always remembering that “true elegance has just one rule: simplicity”.

Thank you for reading and to those I follow, for your inspiration!


Marion Berrin 
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Jil Sander Autumn/Winter 2012
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Porsche 917K 

by One_O


Afternoon in Manhattan
Shot with Olympus Trip 35 & Kodak 200
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~   Tim Seibles, from “Slow Dance” (via oofpoetry)

Ritchie Ginther Ferrari 156 . Nurburgring 1961.
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People watchingProvence Farmers Market
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Costume Denmark June 2011
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Canvas  by  andbamnan